1 = move, progress, push towards, progression, march.
Ex. Better flexibility is achieved if the heating, ventilation and lighting can accommodate this move without the need for any alterations.
Ex. AACR represented a significant element in the progress towards rational and standard cataloguing practices.
Ex. In the frenetic push towards international cooperation among research libraries, the library needs of the nonscholar are easily overlooked.
Ex. In the past few years, there has been a technological progression from the Internet to intranets and, now, to extranets.
Ex. The march of information technology has changed service presentation but the media which are used today are those which have served public librarians for years.
* avance inexorable = relentlessness.
* avance rápido de imágenes = fast motion.
* AvPág (Avance Página) = PgDn (Page Down).
* coartar el avance de Algo = hinder + progress.
* evaluación del avance realizado = progress evaluation.
* hacer avances = make + headway.
* informe sobre el avance de un proyecto = progress report.
* retrasar el avance = retard + progress.
* ser un gran avance = be half the battle.
* símbolo de avance de línea = line feed character.
* tecla de Avance de Página = Page Down key.

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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